English Breakfast

Premium Dimbulla FBOP

10 reviews


100g Gift Tin - 50 cups

Premium quality loose leaf tea 100% pure Ceylon Tea All natural, no artificial colours flavours or pservetive Single origin, single estate tea


Premium loose leaf tea 100g (50 cups)
Tasting Notes
Full bodied and brisk
Leaf Style
Wiry well twisted leaf
Peure Ceylon Black tea
Ceylon Dimbulla
Recyclable metal tin
Brewing Instructions
2g for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 100° C.



Based on 10 reviews

Pleasantly Surprised

I like this tea. There is something in it that makes you choose it for your breakfast. Moderately smoky, sweetish, absolutely not tart and at the same time sturdy. I ordered it for the first time. To be honest, I'm surprised by the taste. In my understanding, "English breakfast" was supposed to have a different taste. More traditional, probably. This tea is wonderful and not traditional. I'll definitely order more. Thank you!


This tea smells like your typical high-end breakfast tea from a tea bag, but tastes SO much better. I love that it is familiar but such a huge improvement over the usual. As with all Tea Top teas, the freshness and quality makes all the difference. I enjoy this tea the most with a splash of almond milk and a pinch of stevia- it really brings out the flavors.

I liked the aroma and enjoyed drinking

I had never had loose leaf English Breakfast tea before and I enjoyed it more than with a tea bag. It wasn't a flavor that was particularly new to me but it seemed fresher. I liked the aroma, especially before steeping, and enjoyed drinking it with milk and a bit of sweetener.

great early morning tea

this tea has a very good flavor, a lot of caffeine. i really enjoy this tea.

Wonderful quality

Unlike most I've had before, there is no astringency. Excellent flavor. Brews a nice cup quickly without the need for large quantities of the leaves. This came on my first order from Teabox and was also impressed with the speed of delivery

Nice gentle wakeup

This tea will gently tease you to wake you up. Other breakfast teas I've had will give you a punch in the tastebuds vs this one.

Go to tea

From the color to the taste, this is truly a fantastic tea. It is my everyday tea and I drink it all day around with a splash of milk, so sugar. It has a rich color, a malty smell and it gives you the energy you need to endure each day.

The perfect tea

It is my third time ordering this tea and I must say the quality, flavour and freshness still surprises me. This tea marries perfectly with a splash of milk. For the English Breakfast fans out there, once you try this tea you will never be able to drink a store bought English Breakfast tea again. Be warn, this tea really tastes like a true tea, it doesn't have just a hint of flavour as the others, so perhaps some adaptation period is required unless you already like strong flavoured teas.

Great, classic flavor

Wonderful with milk as a pick me up. Morning is optimal. Rich flavor

Delicious chocolate brownie

Wow was pleasantly surprised when i made my first cup. The fragrance reminded me of a chocolate brownie :) Perfect in the morning to wake up to! Could easily have this every day :) I enjoy mine strong with milk.